Nextep history

Nextep history

Nextep history

Our company in this name is relatively new, our parent company “The Engineering Company for contracting and trading” was a midsize contracting company established in 1983, and handled many turnkey contracts for the private sector.


The company has changed this pace in 1997 and shifted towards introducing new and innovative finishing materials to the Egyptian market. 


In a few years we managed to establish an excellent reputation f or supplying and installing “new age materials” to the contracting sector and managed to win subcontracts in almost all the strategic national projects.


We managed to combine a highly technical all engineers site managers, a strong technical office, trained labor in accordance with our suppliers codes, and state of the art equipment, and this made us one of the best contractors in the field of: Acoustical false ceilings, Gypsum board and demountable partitions, Sound proofing.


After gaining the proper experience in these fields and establishing a strong name in the field of interior finishing, We strongly entered the field of turnkey contracting, starting with the banking industry we have managed to finish some of the best bank branches and some other turn key projects as we are about to see. 


The Company’s Strengths:

  • A technically resourceful engineering office
  • A scientific approach for resources and time management 
  • Technical and managerial experience to achieve prompt response to all sorts of site problems 
  • Experience in various types of projects (Admin. buildings, Commercial, Health care, etc..)
  • Qualified, trained, and experienced site engineers
  • State-of-the art installation equipment
  • Well trained labor


Hopefully this will give you a brief idea of our company and thank you very much for your co-operation.